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Real Estate Agents

We help colorado real estate agents in so many ways. We are responsive, communicative, fast acting, reliable and experienced just to name a few things.  Check out our reviews and facebook and you will see we give more than other sources you may try. Don’t take our word for it ask agents you know because most likely they are using us. It’s how we can approve and fund loans is what agents say they rely on. We don’t spring surprises. In fact, most will tell you when things pop up in the transactions we jumped in to get obstacles handled. Some agents will tell you their buyers offer got chosen over others because the selling agent knew us. THAT says something!

So before, during and after we are there for you. However while you are waiting for the next deal we are there for you too. We promote you in our social media spheres so potential clients that are anonymously checking you out online see your success and more often than not are then compelled to contacting you. Need help getting your online presence dialed in? No problem and no obligation help is here. Go to to see more


To provide reliable, trustworthy and cost saving service. To be consistent in how we treat all, from the first transaction with us to years of doing business together. We will work as hard when you have been sending deals to us just like we did the first one. To exceed your expectations each and every time.
You need a reliable team. That doesn’t falter or leave you hanging during the process, especially at closing. You want to ensure yourself that the finance side of things are handled and when you are told this is the best deal out there you know it is. That when the docs will be ready at 2pm, they are ready. That if things pop up from the transaction that we will come in and resolve things. We get in early, we stay late and work weekends. We will never put our needs in front of yours.
We will treat you and your client as if they were a loved one. We are resourceful, tenacious, persistent, patient, communicative, consistent and we won’t stop till we have exceeded your expectations.

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Puts Agent/Clients’ Needs 1st 100
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Fast 100
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