Merle Atkinson

Mortgage Professional

Merle is an experienced professional who first entered the mortgage industry in 2005 and has been serving his clients with Platte River Mortgage since 2016.

Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing home, Merle’s overarching goal is to ensure his clients have an exceptional experience every step of the way. He accomplishes this by first listening to his clients and being thoughtful about how to best meet their needs. When preparing a pre-qualification, he is thorough and complete, ensuring any potential issues are identified and addressed appropriately. He then focuses on maintaining consistently clear and open communication with his clients and their advisors – routinely verifying the multitude of details that lead to a successful transaction. His genuine and transparent approach resonates with both first-time and experienced homebuyers alike, eliminating surprises and making the process easier to understand for everyone.

Prior to Platte River Mortgage, Merle was a partner and co-founder of Pantelan, a Denver-based consulting and advisory services firm focused on the mortgage finance and real estate investment sectors. Over the past several years, he has been responsible for various aspects of finance, strategy, and business operations, working with mortgage and real estate-related services companies of all sizes. Merle was previously a Senior Vice President with Aurora Loan Services, a Denver-based mortgage lender owned by Lehman Brothers with operations throughout the country. He and his family relocated to Denver from New York City in 2005, where he was an Investment Banker in Lehman Brothers’ Global Financial Institutions Group. Merle began his professional career as a mechanical engineer at Ford Motor Company, where he was responsible for suspension design, prototype testing, and project management for various vehicle programs. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

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“Few people have my kind of complex financial situation. Most of my income comes from unconventional sources like K-1s, self-employment, self-directed IRAs and rentals (both commercial and residential). Merle was able to explain it all clearly and concisely, allowing us to breeze through the process. With his help, I was able to reduce my monthly payment by $300.00 and shave three years off my loan. That’s real savings.”


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“We refinanced our home with Merle and it could not have gone better. We were through underwriting in less than two weeks and were waiting for the appraiser to catch up. If you’re thinking about refinancing, I would absolutely recommend reaching out to him – I am sure you won’t be disappointed!”


Phone: 303-433-9900
Fax: 303-433-9906

Phone: 303-433-9900
Fax: 303-433-9906